Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday over the weekend, and I’ve been blessed with some really amazing family and friends.  The actual day was on Saturday and my boys treated me to breakfast and took me out to dinner.  I spent the day with extended family on Sunday, and on Monday I hung out with my girlfriends for dessert.  It was a great way to celebrate getting older.

One of the gifts I received was an amazing macro lens for my camera.  I’ve wanted a macro for a very long time, but the price had me not seriously considering it for a while.  I was very, very surprised to receive one as a gift. It’s well beyond my skill-level, so I have lots of learning to do, but I wanted to share a few pictures I’ve taken.

some of my metal stamps


tiny pink flowers

tiny bee

rain drops on grass

I am so excited about the potential to get really nice pictures of my jewelry. I love being able to take pictures of nature too. And it’s supposed to be a fantastic portrait lens.

I have some books coming from the library that I hope I’ll be able to use to learn more about using this type of lens well.  I am definitely having fun with the practice shots!

Day 194

It is our last day in Michigan, and I let my oldest choose what we did today. He really liked the beach and the splash park, so that’s where we went. It was really windy, and as we were leaving I noticed the tall grasses moving in the wind and decided to grab a shot or two.

Day 189

It was not easy to figure out which picture to go with today. I took the boys to the Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park today and took bunches of pictures. It was a really fun park and the boys had a blast. I was a bit concerned that it would be something I would be dragging them to, but we literally spent hours playing.

I’m going with the picture today because I thought it was unusual. It’s a flower on the head of a cactus. The coloring is really interesting, and you don’t see too many flowers on cacti.

Day 181

I was really pleased to see we had a Hydrangea when we moved to the new house because it’s one of my favorite plants. With all the cold and snow we had last winter, I thought for sure that it was dead. I was very surprised when I noticed it was blooming and looking quite healthy.