Week 13: Feeling Blue

Blue was the theme of the week, and I was so excited because blue is one of my favorite colors. But I had a really hard time coming up with something I liked that fit within the theme.  Sometimes being given a theme actually makes my mind a complete creative blank.

Eventually I came up with two different images.  The first was because it was sunny this week and the blue sky was gorgeous.  I also really wanted to try my hand at getting that sun flare.

blue skyFor my second image, I had this idea for Easter.  I wanted to do an Easter basket filled with eggs, but only one blue egg.  I really struggled with composition.  The idea in my head didn’t quite make it out of the camera with this one.


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!



Day 101

Before going to bed tonight, I put together the boys’ Easter baskets. We’ve never done them in the past, but I thought with dad out of town, it would be a fun treat. Nothing very exciting for either of the boys, just a few odds and ends I picked up mainly at Target. I got the baskets free from a co-worker years ago and for now they are the perfect Easter baskets.