I am participating in ClickinMom’s 4th Annual Scavenger Hunt right now, and one of the items (out of 150) is to photograph a silhouette of a child holding a balloon.  The gals very nicely posted a tutorial on how to accomplish a silhouette, so tonight I decided to give it a try.

The key point in shooting a silhouette is to expose for the sky (not your subject).  It helps to have the light behind your subject.  A good time to do this is when the sun is setting because your sky is more interesting and you are starting to lose light.  But my subject needed to get a bath before bed, so we shot after dinner around 7:15.

I didn’t start off too badly, but it definitely wasn’t dark enough to be considered a silhouette.

So I bumped up my shutter speed and closed my aperture up a bit to get less light and ended up with a pretty decent series of shots.  This one I liked the best.

Then I edited the photo a bit in Photoshop by darkening the blacks and boosting the blues.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Overall, it took about 40 shots to get a decent one.  With this image, I’m about half way through the hunt.  And I learned something new.  I can’t wait to play with this technique again!