Week 8: Welcome

The theme for this week was shadow.  Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest, so overcast is our default weather pattern at this time of year.  There’s not much opportunity for shadow because the sun is not available.

On Saturday afternoon, the sun made an appearance, so I snagged my camera and wandered around the neighborhood for a bit.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of sun, so there weren’t many distinct shadows.

As I went back to the house, the sun peeked through the clouds in earnest for about 15 minutes.  I noticed the fun shadow lines from our porch and was playing around with the shoes by the door.  Then I saw the lines in our welcome mat and thought that’d be even more interesting.

Week 8 ~ ShadowThis is another theme I think I’d like to play with more.  It was fun to try to incorporate shadows into my image instead of working to avoid them.



Week 7: Picnic Table

I thought last week’s theme of Texture was difficult.  This week was Symmetry, and I could not find anything that I felt was symmetrical and interesting to photograph.  I think my problem is that I wanted to take the theme too literally.  I was stuck on the idea of photographing a building or structure, and I lean more towards natural things, which in my mind, aren’t symmetrical.

I took the kids to the park late Sunday morning and tried a couple different things.  But they really weren’t working out.  As we walked back to the car, I noticed the picnic benches and got struck with the idea of symmetry and vanishing point perspective.

Week 7 ~ Symmetry

When I uploaded the pictures, I realized my focus was all off, but it makes kind of a different perspective ~ something a little less expected.  And if it was perfect, then it wouldn’t be called growth.

Still not thrilled with this theme, but it’s stuck in my head now, so maybe I’ll run across something else in a few weeks that I like better.  I really like these challenges because it makes me think not just of my photography, but also my subject and composition.


Week 6: Bus Sighting

My little 20-month-old daughter is very fond of watching the school bus pick up the neighborhood kids every morning.  Her older brother has brought the bus to her attention, so they frequently watch out the window for it to arrive.

Earlier this week, I decided to snap a few pictures of her waving to the bus, and as I was taking pictures I thought, I really love how the light captures the texture of her hair.

Week 6 ~ Texture

And a light bulb went off.

The theme for this week was Texture, and I was really struggling with what I should try to photograph.  I’m pleased that this one just sort of worked out.


Week 5: Recovering Babe

Low-light photography was the theme for this week.  Unfortunately for me, the theme for my week was stomach flu.

I’m constantly trying to get a good low-light picture of baby girl sleeping, but every time I try, I seem to instantly wake her up.  Not exactly the scenario you’re looking for at nap time or ten at night.

This image was from day two of the stomach flu.  She was napping wrapped up in her towel.  For some reason, she really liked having the hood on her little head and the towel wrapped around her ~ even fully clothed.  If it made her feel better, I was not one to question it.

Sleeping BabeThis image was taken with her laying on our bed and lit a bit by the natural light coming in from our window and my bedside lamp.



Week 4: Rainy Weather

The theme for this week was weather.  I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I honestly say that without sarcasm ~ even during the wet winter months.

We moved here when I was five and I consider myself a native.  For the most part, I enjoy the rain.  I love the sunny breaks, but unless it’s that misty stuff that lasts all day long, I do not go nuts with the days of rain.

I wanted to capture the unusual freezing fog we’ve had the past couple weeks, but I never got out at the right time {this seems to be an issue for me}.  This evening, I walked out to our driveway in the rain and had the idea of trying to catch the drops falling in the puddles.

Rainy WeatherI really liked how this turned out.  I was only out for a couple minutes because I have no rain gear for my camera equipment {imagine that!}, but it was worth it.



Week 3: Brownies. Some Assembly Required.

The theme for this week was shallow depth-of-field, which is one of my very favorite ways to shoot.  Of course, under the pressure of coming up with a creative image, I couldn’t think of a single thing to set up.

On Friday afternoon, I was in the middle of making some fantastic brownies for a dear friend’s birthday.  I knew the ingredients all needed to go into the mix right away, so I had them lined up in stainless steel measuring cups ~ just like the cooking shows (minus the helpful assistants).  I had cream simmering on the stove and all ready for the chopped chocolate when inspiration struck!

When I looked down at my arrangement, I knew that chopped chocolate would make a lovely picture with the measuring cups in the background.  Since I only had a minute or two before my cream would be toast, I didn’t have a lot of time to get my settings absolutely correct.  I had to do quite a bit of tweaking in the post process, but I’m pleased with the results.

Week 3: Brownies

Here’s the recipe if you’re curious ~ Fudgy Toffee Brownies.  They were a hit, and I will absolutely make them again.  Next time, I think I’ll use a larger dish because they were very thick in the 8″ x 8″ pan.  I also made Vanilla Ice Cream, which was a lovely compliment to the rich chocolate.

And I can’t forget to give credit to my clever husband for my blog title.


Week 2: Airplane Silhouette

I’ve started following along with the Clickin Moms Project 52 group, and the theme for this week was a silhouette image.  I really wanted to get something outside, but I never seemed to get the coordination between time of day and willing subject.  It is dark here by 5 in the evening right now, so you better be motivated.

Today was the last day of the week and after several attempts at cooperation from my 8-year-old, his younger nearly 5-year-old brother wanted in on the action.  My plan was for him to just sit and look at his airplane.  He thought I was nuts.  Good thing he was right.  I’m really happy with how this shot turned out.  I am finding that I really, really like silhouette images.


ps ~ this image was shot with my *new camera* {insert image of my happy dance here}.  I have been pining for this camera for better than two years now…