10-on-10: January

For 2018, I am joining a group of very talented photographers for a 10-on-10 project.  On the 10th of each month we will post 10 images taken in that month.  The specific parameters are up to the individual photographer, but the pictures should form a cohesive group in some way.  The purpose behind the project is to pick up the camera with intention.

I have to admit that I jumped into this project with enthusiasm, and then as the 10th got closer and closer, I started to panic.  How was I going to put together something that was cohesive??

I realized that my oldest and youngest kids had soccer games over the weekend, and I could use them as an opportunity to create a collection.


Normally, when I pick up my camera for my family, I don’t put a lot of thought into what I’m going to capture.  Sure, I have some ideas, but I’ve never created a set list of images I’m looking for.  I think of myself as more of a capturing versus creating moments photographer.  I was worried that I wouldn’t end up with enough unique images.

For this project, I sat down before their games and wrote lists of moments I would look for in order to create this group.  I had well over 30 ideas.  I also took some time to think about why my kids play soccer.  For both of them, it’s more the social aspect over the love of the game, so I came up with the theme: We’re here for the fun!

Armed with my ideas, I tackled (wrong sport? my oldest did get laid out by a player from the other team… no foul) the games.

Here is a little collage of the 10 images.  Keep scrolling for larger views and a little more insight on my process.

10-on-10 Images 1-5

10-on-10 Images 6-10

A couple more notes before I share the larger images.

I used three different lenses on this project – my 105mm f2.8, my 70-300mm kit lens from my original Nikon D50 DSLR, and the Lensbaby Spark.  For indoor sports photography, this isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a dream team of lenses, but it’s what I have, and I worked with them to get what I wanted.  In the end, my favorite images were mostly from the 105mm lens.

I don’t photograph my kids playing soccer that much indoors (see lens notes above), but if you’ve ever photographed sports, you know that it feels like you put the camera down at just the moment you’d been waiting for.  (It could be that’s just me.)  This day wasn’t any exception, but I felt much better equipped with my list of shots.

Pre-game Team Huddle


Attempt at panning action shot

Lensbaby shot of score

Chatting from the sidelines

Determination - seen about 50% of the time at these games

feet towards the goal


talking with coach


Now that I’ve made it through the first month, I’m even more excited to see how I can stretch myself throughout this year.

For even more inspiration, continue on our blog loop with Monika at M Colichio Photography for her 10-on-10!  And check out my Instagram (Instagram: javablue) for even more from our group.