Week 15: A Different View

This week the theme was Reflection.  I have an image I loved from one of my 365s of a girl peering into the water.  I wanted to try to do something along those lines.  What you might not realize from the image is she’s looking into an ashtray/garbage can combination that had filled with rainwater.

I like the idea of beauty being reflected out of something “less beautiful”.  I also love reflections in puddles and how you can catch something really unique if you position yourself in just the right place.

Week 15 ~ Reflection

I love how this turned out.  I love the beauty of the sunny sky and trees reflected out of the muddy waters.  I also really liked that one, lone leaf sitting on the surface of the mud.


One thought on “Week 15: A Different View

  1. love that shot :) It is fun to catch smothing that appears one way… mud, and might be written off, but see new beauty in it. Nice :)

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