Week 9: Drinking Glasses

The theme for this week was Glass. For a few days last week, I had thought the theme was Reflection, so my mind was going that direction. But Reflection is coming up later. Looking through glass wasn’t really working for me because I wanted some sort of glass that was distinct.

Anyway, at some point during the week, I was putting the dishes away, and realized our drinking glasses were pretty cool. I decided to pick out some fun paper {I thought the rain drops were appropriate} and place the glasses in a pattern. I messed around with different ideas for a while, and I liked how this one turned out.

Nothing amazing for sure, but I had some fun with the set-up and in post-processing. I feel a little nuts for taking 75+ pictures of our drinking glasses, but I’m certain I’m learning along the way.

Week 9 ~ GlassLots of photography stuff coming up for the month of March, so stay tuned.