Week 8: Welcome

The theme for this week was shadow.  Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest, so overcast is our default weather pattern at this time of year.  There’s not much opportunity for shadow because the sun is not available.

On Saturday afternoon, the sun made an appearance, so I snagged my camera and wandered around the neighborhood for a bit.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of sun, so there weren’t many distinct shadows.

As I went back to the house, the sun peeked through the clouds in earnest for about 15 minutes.  I noticed the fun shadow lines from our porch and was playing around with the shoes by the door.  Then I saw the lines in our welcome mat and thought that’d be even more interesting.

Week 8 ~ ShadowThis is another theme I think I’d like to play with more.  It was fun to try to incorporate shadows into my image instead of working to avoid them.



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