Link Challenge Reveal!

Today is the reveal for Peggy’s Blogging Link Challenge.  As a recap, Peggy sent us 25 of her acrylic links to play with and challenged us to create a piece of jewelry using those links.  We’ve had about 3 weeks to work on our designs, and today is the day we show off our creations.

I received 25 tortoise-shell colored links.  I really like fun, chunky chain, and there are a couple of jewelry ideas I’ve been working on where chunky chain would be fun to have.  Unfortunately, these lovely brown-toned links weren’t quite the right color for my vision.  So I worked on something new.

For my first piece, I knew I wanted to create a bracelet.  I love working with bracelets, and these links almost naturally form into a cuff.  I played around with the links a bit and figured out how to best link them together.  I wanted to make sure the openings for each link went in the same direction.

The links don’t seem to have a difference between the front or back, so it doesn’t really matter how you link them together, but I wanted them to be the same direction because that sort of thing matters to me.

Once they were linked, I decided I wanted to weave a ribbon in the links.  I raided my mom’s stash of trims and ribbons and found several I loved.  I first wove in the mustard and then figured out how to work the turquoise into the weave.

For the ends, I just tied a simple overhand knot and tightened it as best I could.  I’m going to add a small dab of glue just for security.  I cut the ends to my desired length {then I wore it for a bit and made them shorter}.

I created a simple hook clasp and a couple of large sized jump rings out of 16-gage copper wire to finish off the piece.  I love how this turned out!

Then I looked at my remaining links and realized I had 15 left!  So I had to make something else.  I really need {ok, want} some more long length necklaces.  I decided to create beaded segments and use some of Peggy’s links between them.

This time I used fabric ties to attach the links to the wrapped wire.  I liked the idea of the fraying fabric.  I started with long ties and it just didn’t look right, so I kept making them shorter and shorter until the are almost down to just the knots.  These will also get glued for added security {I have a 14-month-old who loves momma’s jewelry}.

The thing I really, really liked about creating this piece was the ability add and remove links.  Did I want 3 links here?  Click, click.  There you go.  Maybe I really wanted 5.  Click, click.  No, 4 is perfect.

Then there was the section of beads that I realized were facing the wrong direction.  Just a couple of clicks and it was all fixed.  With standard chain I would have been re-wrapping and wasting wire.  I really liked that flexibility.

Here is the completed necklace.  It ended up at 29 inches, which is pretty decent for a longer necklace.

Now for the fun part!

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You can see all of our creations on Peggy’s blog, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite design!

22 thoughts on “Link Challenge Reveal!

  1. I love what you did with the links and I have to tell you, I was hoping that someone would use ribbons or yarn with a bracelet-YAH! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  2. Both pieces are great. But I really like your bracelet with the ribbon/silk woven through it. I’m into fiber in pieces right now and that is great.

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