Ingredients from my Partner

My soup ingredients arrived a few weeks ago, and I love them!!  Donetta did such a great job sending me a fun focal and toggle clasp.

The focal is a decoupaged wood tile in an antiqued brass filigree.  I *think* she made it.  I will need to find out.  The brass toggle is handmade by Thea too and it is so pretty.  I love working with flowers.

With the focal and clasp she also included some other metal components to play with including a Vintaj dragonfly, two brass flowers with rhinestones, and an adorable brass flower charm from also Thea too.  Those antiqued brass flowers are screaming to be made into earrings, but I’m considering denying them.  That’s just too predictable. ;)

For coordinating beads, she sent me a lovely selection of aqua blue toned stones to work with including a rough chunk of recycled glass, faceted recycled glass rondelles, and blue Kyanite sticks.  I have never worked with Kyanite before.  I love the texture and brown flecks in the stones.  There are also faceted rectangles and a smooth oval of what we think is Chalcedony.

I am really excited about the silk ribbons from Marsha Neal Studio.  I have done very little work with silk ribbon, but it is something I really want get more comfortable with.  The mustard, burnt orange and pink ribbons are all such wonderful compliments to the aqua that I’m not sure if I can choose just one color.

The colors in this soup are so perfect for me.  I just love blue and brown together.  And aqua is such a calming color.  It makes me think of beautiful tropical waters.

Here is everything together complete with labels…

Thank you so much, Donetta!!!  I really hope I can do justice to all these lovely ingredients.

7 thoughts on “Ingredients from my Partner

    • It really is so fun! I was enjoying looking at all the pieces over and over while I wrote this post. Now to get creating!! :)

    • I *love* the color palette too. I actually looked at the soup and thought, oooo, I have 3 potential focals! :)

  1. Oh so much pretty, so many ideas! I’m sure you will have gorgeous results. Also, sometimes the most predictable option allows the most creativity. ;-)

    • Yes!! So much pretty. I’m having trouble narrowing down the ideas. And I keep mulling over your comment “most predictable option allows the most creativity” ~ that has really had me thinking. I think I try sometimes to be too unpredictable, and it doesn’t always work out. Thanks for the comment. I love being made to re-think things. :)

  2. Pssst…I DID make the decoupaged focal piece! It’s a 7-step process, believe it or not…I’m so, so happy you like what I sent!

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