Fusion Beads Vintaj Challenge

At the end of June, Fusion Beads posted a Jewelry Design Challenge.  The parameters were that you had to use specific colored Swarovski bicones in 4mm and 6mm, coordinated seed beads, and your choice of Vintaj elements.

I have not worked with Vintaj much before and I really liked the Swarovski colors, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to participate in.  And the chance to win one of three $75 gift certificates to Fusion was very exciting!

In mid-July, my sister and I spent the afternoon at Fusion Beads.  She gave me a gift certificate for my birthday and wanted to come with me when I went shopping.  We decided to go visit the store during their 20% off everything sale.

I found all sorts of fun treasures.  And I picked up the elements I needed for the challenge along with a selection of Vintaj that spoke to me.  I had an idea to make a bracelet with a Vintaj focal.

At the beginning of August, I spent a couple evenings working out my design.  I knew I wanted to create a stitched piece for this challenge.  My inspiration was based on the design of a right-angle weave bracelet from a class I took several years ago.  For the clasp, I took a Vintaj flower with open petals for the “loop” and shaped some Vintaj wire into the “hook”.

When it was done, I felt like the Vintaj focal needed something, so I stitched a pattern of seed beads on it.  I was really happy with how it turned out.

But, when I looked at the requirements again, I was concerned that I didn’t use enough of the seed beads in my design, so I decided I wouldn’t enter my bracelet in the challenge.

The next day I tweeted a picture of my creation because it’s not very often that I create something new. I noted in the tweet that I wouldn’t be entering the bracelet in the contest.  I was pleasantly surprised to get feedback from @FusionBeads.  They checked with the judges and let me know they would accept my piece.

I was really happy to be included in the challenge, but I’m ecstatic to find out I was selected as one of the winners!  I received my gift code this afternoon, and I can’t wait to go shopping.

So the moral of my long tale is, if you see a contest or challenge that inspires you, then give it a shot, and if it doesn’t seem quite right, ask or just enter anyway.  The worst that can happen is you don’t qualify, but the best that can happen is you just might win!

Thanks Fusion Beads for hosting such a fun challenge!  I look forward to whatever you cook up next.



4 thoughts on “Fusion Beads Vintaj Challenge

  1. Great story! And such a great lesson. I think of how many times that I have held back because I didn’t think I was doing it right or that I didn’t know enough. It is sad at how many opportunities are out there, yet I limited myself with my own limiting beliefs. I’m really glad you won. It is really unique how you used the seed beads within the Vintaj piece.

    • Thank you! It is really so easy to get wrapped up in the question of whether or not I’ve got it “just right”. I struggle with that a lot. But I keep trying to remind myself that you won’t grow if you don’t at least try! Thanks again!

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