Summer Arm Party!

I have the worst time passing up jewelry exchanges!  It’s a problem.  And since I can’t seem to dedicate myself to making jewelry unless I have some sort of deadline, then it’s even more of a temptation to jump into any exchange that sounds like fun.

When I saw a couple of my friends on twitter chatting about an arm party, I knew I had to investigate.

Leonora of Yellow Heart Art and Ilene of Much Love, Illy are hosting the Summer Time Arm Party…

Arm Party Graphic (created by Yellow Heart Art)

(which makes me wonder if this happens at other times during the year – must investigate)

And after considering it for a bit, I decided to sign up – even though my website/blog are in a terrible state of neglect.  Nothing like a little bit more motivation. ;)

I’m looking forward to finding out if I’m in!

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