Bead Soup Party: Day 3 – My Reveal

For this round of the Bead Soup Party (hosted by the lovely and talented Lori Anderson) my partner was Kate of Tropical Blonde. She sent me all sorts of lovely pieces to work with including three focals. I was so sure I’d have at least two pieces to reveal today, but I kept working and working the first piece that I didn’t have time for a second.

I tend to mull over projects for a long time before I start putting them together. One of the three focals surprised me by sticking in my mind. About the same time I received my first package from Kate, Susan Lenart Kazmer of Objects and Elements introduced her Industrial Chic line. The wheels really started turning for a more “industrial” piece.

Here is what I’ve created…

I took Kate’s piece and decided to oxidize it, which was a scary but perfect decision because then it matched the chain. I created my own headpins in three different designs. Aside from the two Industrial Chic pieces and the metal component I put behind the smaller one, I used only the beads that Kate sent.

A lot of the details are really subtle. I took seed beads and 28 gauge wire and wrapped them around some of the links.

I also wire wrapped some beads over the chain.

I did create my own clasp.

I had a lot of fun creating this piece. I feel like I stretched myself to do something that was different for me and I enjoyed it.

Thank you so much Kate for all that you sent! I’m hoping to have some time this week before the party is over to create a second piece. The polymer clay components have been talking to me, and I still need to use your clasp.

Don’t forget to visit the others revealing their pieces today…

Don’t forget to comment. Each comment (one per person please) on this post will enter you into my little contest for this piece…

I’ve talked enough for one day, so I’ll tell you all about this piece tomorrow.

Update 6/27: The contest is now closed, but please continue to comment. I love and treasure all of your feedback.

54 thoughts on “Bead Soup Party: Day 3 – My Reveal

  1. Janeen this necklace you made is def eye candy!! You will get many compliments!! I cant say enough…a job so well done!!

  2. the copper is wonderful, the little details on the chain links are amazing. I really like this piece, nice work

  3. I really like all the detail you added like the seed bead wraps. This looks like it would be really nice to wear.

  4. How clever is that? Adding seed beads wrapped to the chain! I have a big clunky chain here that I’ve put aside because I don’t know what to do with it! I’ll try your clever, inventive, and innovative technique because that was the one of the many highlights I enjoyed on your creation! Beautifully done and so inspiring!

  5. WOW!!! this is amazing, I really love the copper, its a very busy necklace, a lot to look at and drool over! way cool

  6. You were my last stop today and I am so full of Bead Soup I feel like I will explode so I laughed when I saw the little measuring tape pendant on your necklace. I better measure my waist and get on a scale. Very inspiring and the little touches of the beaded wire wrapping in the chain are great!!

  7. The chain you created is fantastic! I admire you for challenging yourself. finished piece could be published in a magazine! Oh! and the bracelet makes me think of candy…yum yum. Smiles, Virginie

  8. Challenging yourself is the best part about a swap like this. I love the new Industrial Chic line! I have seen those real things up close in one of Susan’s classes at Bead & Button and you really cannot tell the difference. Thanks for the yummy soup!
    Enjoy the day!

  9. I love this very industrial looking piece, it screams individuality which I love to aspire to.

    Your little handmade charm is way cute.

  10. Love what you have done with your soup beads. The details, the design, the beads, all very stunning! Kudos on a job well done!

  11. Perfection! I am glad you showed a close-up of the chain because I noticed you had done something in the first shot, but couldn’t tell what exactly. I played with some of the industrial chic products today. Fun stuff!

  12. Beautiful! I love copper and this is some really nice work. Very creative, and I like how you wire-wrapped beads to the chain links. :)

  13. This is totally gorgeous! I love it! I blogged about it and your giveaway on my blog today! Stop by and see and don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday for my reveal and giveaway!


  14. This piece shows so much creativity — you put everything together so nicely! And then to embellish the chain with more wire and beads, well, that’s just the icing on a beautiful cake. I can’t wait to see what else you make with the mix. Your giveaway bracelet is wonderful, too — such talent!

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  18. I love copper and I love your bead soup! I am having so much fun looking at all the wonderful pieces everyone made! Your bracelet is awesome too! Makes me think of blueberries and peaches and cream. YUMMY!

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