Sunday Brunch: Week 17

Here is my highlight of five posts in the blogging world I found interesting in the last week (or so). If you’re like me, you have limited time, and can’t always stay up-to-date on everyone’s blog. These were some of my favorites.

This is another one of those weeks where I haven’t even made it through my reader all the way, so let’s see if I can make it to five favorites.

1. Digital Photography School
Photographing Children: Capture Who They Are

Another one I missed from last week, but this was so good, that I had to post it this week. I loved the line in there where she talks about knowing your photo is “the one”.

2. Justatish Designs
Come Make a Ring with Me – Tutorial

This is a really simple tutorial on how to make your own custom ring. I’m not a huge fan of rings, but I might try one or two of these out.

3. Digital Photography School
Using Auto to Learn Manual – A Great First Step for Beginners

It’s a really simple idea, but an effective one for learning how to be comfortable in manual on your camera.

4. Welcome to Meredith’s World
Four Ideas to Expand Your Work

The ideas are straight-forward, but yet good to read. I like them all, but #2 has stuck with me. It’s always good to take a break to clear your mind.

5. Blog for Beaders
Swarovski Summer Color Trends

I really enjoyed the Spring release, and the Summer one is pretty cool too. I really want to make something with yellow in it. And I love the turquoise trend!

Hope you enjoyed this short jaunt around the web. Have a lovely rest of your day!