Time for the Bead Soup Party!!

It is finally time for the reveal from all the participants in the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by the lovely and talented Lori.  My partner was Susan, and make sure you check out the fantastic design she made with the beads I sent her. Grab a large cup of coffee and visit the more than 80 other designers who participated in the party.

Susan sent me a lovely assortment of beads including a beautiful lampwork pendant and coordinating beads she created. I struggled a bit with some design ideas.  I tend to end up making bracelets since necklaces take more time, and I rarely wear them because I have a difficult time with getting the right length for what I’m wearing.

I originally thought I’d try to creatively string the beads, but I never followed through with that idea because it just didn’t seem to be what the beads, or the party, called for.  I wanted to do something a bit more creative. I got the idea of making several different components and linking them together with chain. I found this fantastic textured chain that was made up of unfused links. I also added some perfectly colored Apatite 12mm coin beads to the design.

I wanted to incorporate some of my metal work, so I decided to make a small brass textured heart and rivet on a sterling daisy “Pringle”.  Then I remembered I had some fused components left over from a fusing class I took several years ago.  The organic circle seemed like a perfect fit for the design. It’s kind of an eclectic mix of craft wire, base metal chain, sterling silver, fine silver, and brass, but I’m really happy with the finished piece.

Here's how it started

And here is the finished piece

Another view of the side

The back and clasp

Closer view of the brass heart

Many thanks to Lori for hosting and organizing the event!!

Make sure you visit my soup partner Susan.

Or if you came from her site, then journey on to Melissa, the next designer after Susan or Nancy, the next designer after me.

Have fun!!

41 thoughts on “Time for the Bead Soup Party!!

  1. Hi Janeen! Your necklace came out wonderfully! I think you took it in the direction it wanted to go. I love the componants you added and made they coordinated so well with the beads you were given. Made for each other! Glad you didn’t go for the bracelet, this has much better presence!

    Have a great time at the party!

    Kate #46

  2. What a great combination! I love how you pulled so many cool parts together into such a pretty whole!

  3. This is perfect for a quiet evening with someone special or even a night on the town with the girls! I like duality pieces that can flow from one event to another easily and this one works! Great job! I’m humbled by your creativity!

  4. That turned out so delicate and pretty. And the photography is wonderfully sharp. Love the angles.

  5. Your necklace is beautiful! Gorgeous focal bead. I love the colors and mix of metals in your piece. Your metal work is wonderful!

  6. wow! I love how all the colors came together in this piece…stunning! Your finished piece turned out beautiful!!

  7. Great soup! That brass heart is my favorite part…something you made with your own hands that really complements the rest of the ingredients!
    Thanks for sharing this heaping serving of great soup! Be sure to stop by and taste some of mine. Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. Love the way it turned out, and especially love your heart. Also, very cool idea of a bead swap…need to find enough friends that bead to try to do that as I have so many beads that I have no clue what to do with.

  9. Wow this is very elegant. I love the individual pieces linked together. I have thought about it often but I am struggling so much to do this without thinking it through too much.

  10. Hi there! Your necklace turned out just beautifully! Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog, I have to say your metalwork is stunning and I hope I can create such lovely work as you!

  11. Looks like I missed visiting your site the day of the party….sorry I did try to get to every one…thanks for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment…..your neclkace is wonderful. Masterfully done! The photos of all the views are really sharp not to mention the wood display…. very special.
    Now that is some bead soup!

  12. What a gorgeous necklace!!! The whole piece flows so nicely, with two special features that I love especially – the lampwork focal and your brass heart! :-)

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