Bead Soup Partner “Ingredients”

When I saw the post for the Bead Soup Party, I almost instantly knew what I wanted to send. I bought some fantastic pieces at the Bead Bazaar from Loot! that seemed ideal for this exchange.  I’m also not completely convinced I want to make the bracelet I was originally thinking, so I kind of wanted to see what my partner would do with one of the pieces.

I really wasn’t sure what to pair with the Loot! piece.  I went through my beading stash, which is out of date for my current aesthetic.  Stuff that seemed really great when I bought it seven years ago, shows my immaturity as a jewelry designer now.

I did find a few semi-precious beads that seemed like they would work. A friend on twitter recently sent me some beads, so I added some pieces from her stash. On the Saturday before I shipped the package, I received my lucite order from Beadin Path, and they seemed like a perfect fit!

I’m a bit unsure about what I’m sending.  I had remembered the Loot! pieces being bigger, so I thought about sending two, but the one I really liked didn’t seem to have a complementary piece.  The sets I’ve seen from the other designers are just amazing.  Lots of handmade pieces, and I’m just starting to make components by hand.  Hopefully my partner, Susan Kaplan, will still like what I’m sending.

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