From My Soup Partner

I received the goods from my Blog Soup Partner, Susan Kaplan, several days ago, but I just now have a chance to take and post a picture.

Susan creates beautiful lampwork beads, and I’m lucky enough to receive one of her gorgeous pendants and some coordinating beads. She also sent me some Blue Goldstone, which I’d never heard of before and is a lovely deep blue.  In the yellow tones, she included some amber rounds and some glass beads that are a bit deeper in same color tone.  There were also some fossilized coral pieces and sterling spacers.

It’s a great assortment of beads and a fantastic start on a necklace!  I have to confess that these are just this side of my color pallet.  I love blue and brown together, but I haven’t worked with the more earth tones very much at all.  But I’m loving beads that I probably wouldn’t have given a second thought to before.  It’s so perfect because it meets the spirit of the Bead Soup Party of being inspired by something new.

I have no idea what I’m going to create.  All I can think is to just string them, but I really want to do something more thoughtful. I’m going to go through some magazines and hope to hit some inspiration.

Thanks Susan for the awesome package!!  I hope to do it justice!