Day 151

Before church this morning, I finished another book. This one was for our book group that met on the 15th, but I really liked this book and wanted to finish it. The book was Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos. It’s taken me forever to get through because I’ve been unusually busy lately, but I’m glad that I did.

I also wanted to take this picture to play around some more with focus with my “new” lens.

Day 150

I wasn’t sure what to photograph today. I had a couple of things, but they were sort of repeats of a theme, which is pretty easy to do when you take a picture every single day.

As I was sitting down to get some work done this evening, I happened to notice a couple of handprints on the window. I played around with some settings until I could get a good shot where you could actually see them. I thought it turned out pretty neat.

Day 149

I drove out and picked this up today. It came unassembled in the box, and I managed to put it all together myself with a super excited and impatient 4-year-old and curious 15-month-old “helping” me out.

I took a few pictures, and I liked this one because it’s kind of a cool composition and it’s the part I had the most trouble with. I needed to adjust the brakes and had a hard time figuring out how to do it because the directions cover probably 20 different bikes. I eventually got it and am confident he’ll be able to operate the handbrake and have it work.

The tires came completely flat, so we’ll be bringing it over to grandpa for tire filling. He’ll probably check all of my bolts and make sure they are tight enough. The directions say they’ll probably all have to be tightened up after the first ride anyway.

Day 148

I met my mom during my lunch hour to take Paul to preschool, and there were these beautiful flowering trees in the parking lot where we met. My mom spotted them and told me, “I know exactly what you can take a picture of today”. She was right.

Unfortunately, I left the DSLR at work thinking I wouldn’t need it, but the point-and-shoot did a pretty good job. I was trying to play around a bit with a different angle, and I’m happy with how this shot turned out.

Day 147

For Christmas a couple of years ago, I asked for and was so excited to receive a specialized lens for my DSLR. The reading I did on it explained that it was a macro lens and was good for portrait photography. I put it on the camera for about a month, and for the life of me, I could not get it to do what I wanted. It has sat in my camera bag for over two years, and it’s been bugging me.

Recently, I read a blog post about how to get blurry backgrounds. I was so excited to read about this because it’s one of those things that’s really nice to be able to do when you photograph children. They have this uncanny ability to be running in front of your unfolded laundry, their toys, and all sorts of other distracting things in their pictures.

As I read the post, I realized that I had this lens sitting around that would be perfect for this particular desire of blurry backgrounds. To practice my technique, I took the DSLR out to Paul’s t-ball practice this afternoon and just played around with taking pictures. I’m really, really happy with the results.

Day 146

For about four years now, I’ve been kind of looking for a new toothbrush holder. The one we received as a wedding gift does not have openings large enough to accommodate the wide handles of little toothbrushes. Now that we need to fit two little toothbrushes, I figured it was time to really look for one.

I was lucky today when I went to the store because I found a holder that coordinates really well with our newer cup and soap dispenser. The best part was that it was on clearance, so I paid about $3 for a ceramic toothbrush holder.

I also used this as an opportunity to play around a little bit with my “new” macro lens.

Day 145

For the end of the long weekend, I really wanted to accomplish something. I finally set aside much of the late morning and afternoon to convert Matt’s room from baby storage to a toddler’s room. The picture today is of his new sleeping arrangements.