Day 118

I am a cloth diapering momma. About six months into my pregnancy with Matt, I decided that I was going to follow through with what I had been saying for years. If I had another baby, then I would probably do cloth instead of disposable diapers.

I am not an earthy momma. Now I love the Earth, and we should all do our part to conserve our natural resources and harm as little as possible in our short stay here. But my cloth diaper decision was based solely on the fact that my oldest would get these rashes on his bottom that were clearly a reaction to the chemicals in his diapers. I decided that I would try to avoid that situation if we were to have another one.

I am a cautious momma. I was honestly quite concerned over the “yuck!” factor associated with cloth diapering. Life is a lot easier if you can just dump these things in the trash and be done with them. I got over it, but also, it wasn’t as yucky as I feared. We’ve worked into a method. I’ve also had less “yuck” with blow out diapers and wet through outfits. Not that it hasn’t happened, but it seems less frequent than it was with the “superior” disposables.

I have become a no-thank-you-Velcro momma. I didn’t understand why anyone would want to go with snaps. Who knows where to fasten? How can you really get the best fit? Isn’t that a little too “old school”? But when I kept pulling daisy chains of diapers out of the dryer and my little one was falling out of diapers due to lint-filled Velcro, then I knew it was time for a change.

I am now a snaps only, cloth diapering momma. There is a new diaper out that is still the one-size that I loved about the Velcro diapers, but with way more adjustments. The inserts are softer, the color choices are much better, the snaps are so much simpler than what I’ve seen before. So I took the plunge and ordered an assortment. I’m going to be cleaning up the Velcro and sending them on their way.

The picture today is of our new diapers before heading to the wash.

Day 116

In a relatively spur of the moment move, we joined our friends for an evening out to see some Christian comedians. To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t expect a whole lot, but it was a fantastic evening!

The group was the Apostles of Comedy and their mission is to prove that you can enjoy comedy without vulgarity, foul language, and sexual innuendo, and they did a fantastic job of it! My only regret was that they were not in town for more than one night. As I was sitting in the audience, I could think of so many people who would have enjoyed this as well.

Day 115

I’d been planning to do this for a while, but I was waiting for a really good menu. This morning, my good friend and I went to Dinner’s Ready and made 20 meals. The last time I did this was well before Matt was born.

It’s really nice to have some pre-made meals hanging out in the freezer for those nights when I don’t have a lot of time or a lot of inspiration. It’s not cheap, but there are almost always leftovers for lunch the next day and it’s a more balanced alternative to grilled cheese sandwiches or frozen pizza.

The best thing is that this many meals will fill in the gaps for us for probably at least 3 months. We really enjoyed our Yakisoba Stir Fry with Pork for dinner tonight.