Day 59

This was one of those moments where I just had to laugh at myself!

I had this bag of mini M&Ms, and I was too lazy to go track down the scissors to open it properly. I figured I could just open it without them. In a total comedic moment, the bag burst open and there were mini M&Ms all over my desk. This photo is of the ones on my keyboard.

I’ll probably be finding the little Ms for a while. Or one of my guys will. ;)

Day 58

I don’t generally have plans for Valentine’s Day, but this year I had a few things I wanted to do for my guys. One of them was make a cake. I made the cake, but then we all got sick with the flu and all I could smell that entire night was that cake. I thought I’d never be able to eat a yellow cake again.

The first cake ended up being tossed before it was ever frosted. I decided to make another today. It turned out super yummy. One of my favorite parts is the black heart sprinkles. I’m not a fan of the holiday, so they were perfect!

Day 57

More of that white stuff showed up last night. It was actually falling while I was trying to get to work this morning, which pretty much doubled the length of my commute.

As I was leaving my parent’s house after finally dropping off the boys, I noticed these dark clouds hanging over the valley. Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone with me, so I couldn’t quite capture what I saw. One day I’ll learn to take the good camera with me everywhere.

Day 56

Today is Ash Wednesday, so we went to the services at our church. The theme for Lent is The Cross Shaped Life. As a reminder, we were all encouraged to pick up one of these little wooden cross necklaces. I’m mulling over what to do with mine to make it my own.

Day 55

School was unexpectedly canceled today due to a family emergency. I promised Paul that we’d go and do something fun. I was planning to take him to one of the bounce houses, but I didn’t want to tell him just in case we couldn’t get ourselves together quickly enough to get there on time.

It was driving him crazy to not know what we were going to do, so I asked him what he would find fun to do. He wanted to go to the library. Once he got the idea in his head, then that’s where we needed to go. Momma didn’t have a problem with it, since it’s free and brought us close to the mall where I wanted to do a bit of shopping.

The pic of the day is of Paul reading at the library. He loves to look through books and could spend a great deal of time finding his favorite characters and stories.

Day 54

I was home today taking care of my little one with the broken collar bone. I was sitting at the desk while he was napping and getting some work done with Paul played. I looked out the window and there was this blue jay.

I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the things I really like about living out here is the wildlife. A blue jay really isn’t that monumental, but they’re still so vivid and fun to see.

Day 53

My littlest monkey fell off our bed this afternoon. He was favoring his right arm, so Rob stayed home with Paul while I rushed little Matt to the emergency room. Seven hours later we returned with one baby with a broken collar bone and one worn out momma. This is the band they put on his leg in the ER.