Day 31

Today is one of my guilty pleasures. I love these things!! I could eat an entire bag in one sitting, but I think I only managed to eat half of the bag today. And I won’t share at all. There are some things that are just for momma.

Day 30

Another uninspired photo today. I got this guy out of the box nearly two weeks after I bought it. My four-year-old made me do it. He thought it would be a game that he would like to play. We did go jogging together, which is pretty funny since he can run laps around me. But I’m all for it if it wears him out.

Day 29

I’m either getting really tired or losing inspiration, but I could not think of something to take a picture of today. I’m throwing in one of my pictures for eBay.

This was one of my very favorite outfits from last summer. I’ve even bought it again for this year. It’s a little romper with a hood and so cute on Matt.

Day 28

So it starts. I’ve been pulling Matt’s summer clothes from last year out of his drawers and getting them ready to sell. Step one, take pictures. Unfortunately, one picture of all the stuff (or at least the beginning) doesn’t help.

Day 27

I really love where we live. We’re about 15 minutes or so from several large cities, but our city is still relatively small. We don’t live out in the remote woods or anything, but about 60% of our property is forest, which I wouldn’t change for anything. This morning I peeked out the window to see our momma and fawn friends. It’s just something you wouldn’t get in a big city.

Day 26

On my way home from work today I was hearing an odd sound from the tires. It was that click, click, click sound you get sometimes when there’s a rock in the tires. I thought I should check it out since the day before the Mega Snow Storm of 2008 I got a bolt in my tire. I wanted to make sure I didn’t have something else like that.

I got home and checked out the tires and was having a hard time finding anything wrong. Then, I got to the back tire on the drivers side and saw a pretty good sized rock wedged right in the center of the tread. It actually looked like it might do some damage to the tire if I didn’t get it out.

Well, I couldn’t pry it out with my keys, so I got a screw driver. Then that wouldn’t work, so I got my hubby. He came back in the house and said he couldn’t get it out either, but now the tire was loosing air. I called my dad and brother out with the car jack to change out the tire with the spare. I was dying to know what was in my tire so we pulled it out. This is what we found.

Not quite the rock I thought it was. I took a picture of it with a AA battery for perspective. I wonder what the odds are of picking up two very large fasteners in two different tires in the span of about one month.